Review of Four Card Prime

There are few names that attract as much attention and esteem as Galaxy Gaming in the ultra-competitive world of instant-play table games. When it comes to table play, they are one of the largest and most renowned game creators in the world, and their back library is especially impressive. Four Card Prime, a new four-card poker game with a great deal of fast-paced excitement, has been added to the selection of available games.

Four-card poker is one of the casino table game varieties that does not get the recognition and attention it deserves. With the advent of online Four Card Prime, Galaxy Gaming hopes to alter this, but is this game sufficient to usher in the glory days of this online casino variant? Check out our review to find out!

Green, Orange, Red, and Yellow

There are a few other four-poker instant play versions available, but we feel it would be difficult to find any game that looks as fantastic as this one. Galaxy Gaming likes to utilize the same layout for their table games, but with little variations. When you install real money Four Card Prime, you will be greeted with a beautiful green tabletop that mimics the genuine thing in every way.

This tabletop has an abundance of color, with game regulations, wager categories, etc. surrounded in red, orange, or yellow. Instant play table games are never rated primarily on aesthetics, but it helps when a game is visually appealing, as is the case with real money Four Card Prime.

Investing in Dollars

Poker is one of those games that has apparently grown legs throughout the years, as several varieties of the game have been proposed. In spite of all the available options, the game of poker ultimately boils down to one thing: real money, and plenty of it.

Similar to previous Galaxy Gaming titles, the betting range in Four Card Prime is between $5 and $500, with side bets ranging from $1 to $25. This opens the door to a great deal of wagering freedom, so bargain hunters and big rollers should enjoy Four Card Prime equally, if you ask us.

Following the Low Point

While it’s nice that there are so many versions of poker available today, this has created a problem in our opinion. Due to the abundance of options, there are several rules to understand and adapt to. We’ve discovered that certain varieties of poker are absolutely hostile to beginners; where does Four Card Prime rank? In our opinion, this is one of the simplest poker variations to understand.

The game begins when a player lays a wager, including any relevant side bets (‘Aces Baby,’ ‘Bad Beat,’ ‘Prime,’ and ‘Ante’). The player will then get five cards to form the greatest four-card poker hand, while the dealer will receive six (one being put down face up). During the course of the game, players may opt to increase the ante by up to three times, but folding will not affect the outcome of any side bets. In free Four Card Prime, the pot is awarded to the player holding the best four-card poker hand.

From Four Down to Three Available Four Card Prime is a tremendously entertaining version of instant play poker, so it comes as no surprise that players want more of the same. Three Card Prime is a ready-made option provided by Galaxy Gaming, so you won’t have to look too far. By removing a single card from the opening hand, we believe that Three Card Prime provides the same level of excitement as the four-card version.

Four Card Prime Is Preparing to Pay Out

Throughout the years, it has been evident that Galaxy Gaming does not produce substandard instant play table games. When examining online Four Card Prime, it is evident that this reputation will only continue to grow. Fans of table games would be stupid not to take up this game for a couple of rounds, since it has the unique quality that players seek in terms of playability.

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